Arket Dobermans
373 Decou Rd.
Smcoe, Ontario


Thank you for your interest in Arket Dobermans. This questionnaire is meant to assist us in defining whether a Doberman is the right choice for your family.  We appreciate the sensitive nature of some of the questions, and will take every step to abide by the privacy provisions that are set out in various Ontario laws.   Please know that none of your information will be shared with anyone, and that we use this information only for our own purposes in assisting you to find the right family companion.  Please feel free to ask us any questions you may have about this questionnaire or our dogs.

Once you have completed the form in full, please submit it and we can make an appointment to meet or to speak on the phone.  At that time we will also review all of our dog’s health clearances, and their accomplishments.

Please note that we breed infrequently and that our litters have a waiting list.  If you are placed on our waiting list and you purchase a puppy elsewhere, then we politely request that you let us know so we do not keep you up to date on our breeding or puppy information.

Al & Kathleen Turner

Arket Dobermans